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Balloons in Heaven

Have you ever sent a balloon to heaven?

My girls were 6, 8, and 10 when my mom passed away. We were all feeling very sad, so I suggested we write messages and send them to heaven via balloon. We worked diligently on our notes, tied them to our balloons, said a prayer together, and released them. Up, up, up they all went, with the exception of my youngest; her balloon didn't quite have what it took and got stuck in a big tree! UGH! She fell to the ground in tears. I watched as the balloon string went round and round a high branch. It was fall and the tree was almost bare, I knew we would be seeing this balloon every day for a very long time! I said another prayer, "Please come get this balloon!" I called John at work and he agreed to pick up another balloon on his way home. It wasn't quite the same for her, but she managed to write another note. It was dark by this time so I took a flashlight and we walked to an area clear of trees. We said another prayer and watched it fly to the end of our light. As we walked back through the yard I shined the flashlight toward the balloon that was stranded. To my amazement it was gone!

I don't know how that balloon made its way to the heavens that day, but I am confident that it did. The message of love was mutually exchanged. That is why when you read Eden and Her Joy you will see smiling balloons in heaven!

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