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KHQA Covers author visit at St. Peter School

A hobby of Tracy Schlepphorst is sharing "author secrets,' with eager to learn Kindergartners. The former teacher is back in the classroom as a story-teller with a purpose.

It was a good thing Mrs. Shlepphorst was willing to read Ben Hughes said.

"I don't know how to read yet but I'm starting to read," the student shared.

The Quincy children's author's visit was a surprise to the Kindergarten class at St. Peter School.

"It is so important to me to help kids understand they are happy and see kids smile, have a good time, and understand their emotions in a different way than they were able to understand before," Schlepphorst said.

Don't underestimate the emotional spectrum of a five-year-old. One student shares a laundry list of emotions felt since waking up.

"Mad sad and angry and frustrated," Olivia Anderson explained

Eden and Her Happy is a simple story with a massive message. It's about a girl who loses her happy and looks in all the wrong places. You'll never guess where she finally finds it.

Olivia Anderson knows the answer. "Right there," she said pointing at her heart.

President of Titan International Paul Reitz says giving each child their own copy of the book is another way Titan invests in its community.

"For the kids to have the person who wrote the book to come in there and read it to them and really tell them the meaning behind the pages as she goes through," Reitz explained. "You could see their enthusiasm, it was great to see."

Tracy's visit teaches that in everyone is an author, according to Principal Cindy Venvertloh.

"They can put an understanding to what it takes to get into a book and understand a book. It's something I think they'll never forget."

For Schlepphorst, she encourages parents to read with their child and get involved.

"You know sponsor their child's classroom, they could sponsor the whole first grade if they wanted to. They could sponsor a whole school if they want to, that would be amazing," Schlepphorst explained. "There are big ways and small ways to get these books in the hands of kids."

Schlepphorst is proud to share her second book is on the way about a boy and manners.

If you would like to buy or you or your business would like to sponsor books for schools or classrooms, you can visit Tracy's website or visit the "Eden and Her Happy," Facebook Page.


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