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Eden and Her Joy... Coming Soon

I can remember it, like it was yesterday. I walked into a bookstore and discovered, On Death and Dying by Elisabeth Kubler – Ross. It was a book that talked about DEATH and feelings! “Wow, other people feel this way too! There is a book about death and dying!” It was an epiphany for me. When you are 6 years old, and your father dies, people don’t want to talk to you about it. They look at you with sad eyes and assume your life will end in ruins without a father. At least that is how I came to view it years later. And I did have some tough years, lots of tough years, but don’t we all. Mine were tough for me because I was battling something that I couldn’t understand. People are wired for connection, we are made to love and depend on each other. So why does God take a father away from a child? How is that fair? I still can’t answer that question. I can’t answer why so many people I love have been taken from this earth. But I can now say that the connection never ends. Relationships with those we love always remain constant. The manuscript is written, Eden and Her Joy. It’s my story of childhood loss. It depicts what I feel and believe to be true. Most importantly it is for kids like me. I want them to get an early start in understanding that feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are. That you can’t do it wrong, you just have to do it! And that no one can ever be taken from our hearts and minds. Our people remain our joy through all eternity. #talktokids

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