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"...but in the end, we are all just trying to stay dry." -Eden

I was hit by strong wind and large waves from opposite angles on my paddle board this weekend. I remember the thought, "Yikes! I am tipping over" going through my brain. I humbly climbed back on and quickly looked around for any family members that may have witnessed the event. As I regained my composure I noticed this sailboat struggling with the strong wind as well. The rest of my time I thought about balance and how it means something different for each one of us. I thought about how we have to be prepared in life for the strong winds and big waves. When the waters are rough we have to adjust our footing and our sails. If we don't pay attention to how rough the water is getting we will just continue to flip over and over again.

"The way you find balance may be very different from me, but in the end, we are all just trying to stay dry." -Eden

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