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Henry's First Official School Visit

Today was my first official author visit with 'Henry and HIs Manners'. I got a thumbs-up from everyone! They were engaged and had question after question about the book. I truly believe that they will think about how they treat themselves and others a little differently after today. #mannersmatter #henryandhismanners

By the way, Henry's debut is going amazingly well! The first author visit was a hit and there are over 200 books circulating around Quincy already!

Here are options for purchase:

  • Email me directly: ( I will gladly make arrangements to get books to you either in town or by mail.)

  • Message Charlie Martin he can easily provide books from his work.

  • Kirlin's Hallmark in the mall.

  • And starting tomorrow at The Salty Sun.

What are kids saying? "I like the toot page the best!"

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