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Henry and His Manners written by...

'Henry and HIs Manners' was written by a mom. As a mom I have to admit I loved bedtime stories that could be read in about 5 minutes. I also loved books that even at an early age could be enjoyed independently. On those nights that I wasn't exhausted and we had extra time, I would reach for a book like 'Henry' and explore the pictures and message.

'Henry and His Manners' was written by a teacher. As a teacher I loved books that we could discuss and refer back to time and time again in the classroom. A topic like "manners' needs daily reinforcement, it is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy classroom.

'Henry and His Manners' was written by a school counselor. As a counselor I was always looking for ways to help children better understand their emotions and the emotions of those around them. So many children struggle with behavior issues and I really tried to illustrate that Henry wasn't bad, he just needed to remember his manners.

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