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School Visits

I am a former teacher and school counselor who loves teaching children that happiness is on the inside. I travel to schools with my new books: Eden and Her Happy and Henry and His Manners talking with children of all ages. My visits include the story behind the story, or how Eden and Henry came to be. I talk about the struggles of writing and the importance of editing. And my favorite part, the messages; Eden and Her Happy: “Your “Happy” can never leave you!” We talk about all emotions. We name emotions, show how they look on our faces, and how they sound and Henry and His Manners: Manners are important. They are introduced to "Manners" and learn that you shouldn't leave home without him/them.

I love the job I have created for myself and I would love to visit your school!

If you or someone you know would be interested in having a visit, please check out my Author Visits page, complete a form on my contact page or email Lisa at

I live in Quincy, IL and I love to travel. I am also exploring options of Skype Author visits, that means I could be part of classrooms all over the world!

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