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I am SO HAPPY you are interested in Emotion Belly Books and excited that you've come for a visit! After all, I

write for YOU! I call this the Kid's Corner because it's all about things I think you might enjoy and a place that

we can interact. Please let me know what more you would like to see on this page and we can create it together.

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Young Authors

Below are questions I've received from young authors just like you! I love answering questions. That's how we get to know each other. Please send me your questions!

Why did you become an author?


I have always loved reading and learning from others. I also love teaching about the things I learn. Being an author allows me to share with others, in a creative way, the things that I have learned.

More about Author Visits with Tracy

Her classroom visits typically last 30 minutes and are geared for students Pre-K to 3rd grade. She reads her book and discusses the importance of the message and how it applies to the individual students as well as to those around them. She also discusses the process of writing a children’s book and answers any questions that the students and teachers may have.


By bringing an author to your school, you will make a powerful connection between your students and the written word, and help bring books to life for them. Not only do author visits offer a fun break from the classroom routine, they also introduce students to the processes of writing, developing characters, and expressing one’s creativity.

Tracy currently offers the following programs:

 --- #creativewritingmatters ---

The Journey of Emotion Belly Books

Tracy will guide students through a PowerPoint presentation of each book from the original thought to final product. She will share the story behind the stories and reveal author secrets.

Children will learn:

  1. How to take a thought and create a story.

  2. Why their personal thoughts and experiences matter.

  3. Why the written word is so important.

Program geared for 3rd grade and up.

 ------ #happyontheinside ------

Eden and Her Happy

Tracy will review emotions and allow students to share what their happy, silly, sad, mad, frustrated, scared, and normal: feels, tastes, smells, looks, and sounds like. Tracy will read the story of Eden and discuss the purpose of the pages.

Students will learn:

  1. To better understand their emotions.

  2. How their emotions affect their behavior.

  3. That everyone is responsible for their own happy.

Program is geared for Pre-K to 2nd grade.

 ------- #mannersmattter -------

Henry and His Manners

Tracy will discuss the definition of manners and why they matter. She will stress that manners is as much about how you treat yourself as how you treat others. Tracy will read the story of Henry and discuss the shifting of emotions with Henry’s lack of manners. Students will learn:

  1. How Manners affect emotions.

  2. How Manners affect the emotions of those around us.

  3. That no one is bad. They just need to remember their manners.

Program is geared for Pre-K to 2nd grade.

 - #talkingaboutdeathmatters -

Eden and Her Joy

Special program for classrooms that have experienced the death of someone close to them; a child in the class has experienced the death of a family member or friend, or the death of someone in the school. Tracy will share the personal loss of her father at age six and read the story of Joy. She will stress her message, “Love Lasts Forever”. Students will learn:

  1. It is ok to talk about death.

  2. How to help a friend who has experienced the death of someone they love.

  3. How to stay connected with their hearts to people who have died.

 --------- #yogamatters ----------

Emotion Belly Yoga

Students will move through creative yoga poses and explore the benefits of yoga through movements, stretching, breathing, yoga games, stories, and much more.

Children will learn:

  1. Breathing techniques.

  2. Yoga poses.

  3. How to take breath and yoga breaks throughout the day while seated at their desk.

Program appropriate for students of all levels. It may be taught in a one-time visit or weekly for four consecutive sessions.

Included in Tracy’s Fee Schedule are presentations to school-age students, 2 books for the school library, and a book (whichever one is chosen for the presentation) for each classroom that she visits. She requests permission to sell her books via order form sent home to parents. If book sponsorships are available, fees may be waived. Call Lisa at 573-795-2539 or email: to discuss fees, check availability and schedule an author visit to your school.

“Thank you so much for coming in and reading to my students. They love the books!”- Sara, Kindergarten teacher at Mullanphy ILC Elementary School, St. Louis MO


“Thank you for coming to our class to share your book Eden and Her Happy. I liked how you showed her emotions on her. I learned that you do a lot of editing before you publish your book. Thank you for coming to our class.” – George, student at Christ Community Lutheran School, St. Louis MO


“Thank you for reading us Henry and His Manners. My favorite part was when he found his manners. You are one of my most favorite authors ever.” – Sydney, student at St. Dominic School, Quincy IL


“Thank you for visiting our classroom. Your message is exactly what our kids needed to hear.” – Penni, 3rd grade teacher at Washington School, Quincy IL

What teachers and students are saying:
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2015- 1st Place

Picture Books 5 & Younger

Eden and Her Happy


All Emotion Belly Books are Story Monsters Approved

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