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We’re happy to connect with you! This website is a resource for anyone looking to buy Emotion Belly Children's Books, learn more about Author, Tracy Schlepphorst and her dog Ripley, as well as scheduling Author Visits or Speaking Appearances. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Meet Tracy & Ripley

Tracy Schlepphorst, M.Ed., author and founder of Emotion Belly Books, writes children's books that help children and adults better understand their emotions.


Tracy received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Missouri State University and a master’s degree in School Counseling from the University of Southern Mississippi. Tracy taught for five years in St. Louis, MO and was a school counselor in Tulsa, OK for four years- she loved every minute of it!


Ripley Schlepphorst, Goldendoodle, visits classrooms to share her love of books and learning with children everywhere. Tracy always comes along too!

Ripley received her Canine Good Citizen Certificate from the AKC Canine Partners Program. 

“Your Happy can never leave you! But, sometimes it gets stuck under your other emotions!  

-Tracy Schlepphorst, M. Ed.

Tracy is a Rainbow Kids Yoga certified teacher. To learn more about her Emotion Belly Kids Yoga program, click here.


"Feelings are inherently hard to talk about whether you're a kid or an adult and Eden makes it easier. She helps us understand big ideas like, "Is it OK to not be happy all the time?" in a fun, easy to understand, and interactive way. The best part will likely be the conversations that this book will spark between you and the little people you love the most."  

-Mika Ross, M.Ed., LPC, NCC Therapist * Relationship Coach * Speaker


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About Emotion Belly Books

There are currently 4 Emotion Belly Books to choose from and a coloring book!

Tracy loves writing and she encourages people of all ages to write children's books too. Tracy knows we all have stories inside of us that can be entertaining and useful for others. 

Here is what Tracy's books are all about:


My Emotional Belly One day Eden wakes up and thinks her Happy is gone. Her emotions take over as she searches in all the wrong places for her Happy. You’ll never guess where she finally finds it.


Henry and His Manners Henry learns the importance of manners when he wakes up one morning without them. Follow Henry as he goes through his day and watch his manners try to catch him.

Eden and Her Joy Eden shares her personal journey of loss, love and connection. Follow Eden through the untimely loss of her dad. Watch her emotions and the emotions of those she loves. Experience the return of her happy as she realizes that the love of her dad is a forever love.

Ripley Wonders About Books Ripley is a fun-loving Goldendoodle, also known as a Dood, who has a hard time being left home alone. Her wonder often leads to trouble until the day she discovers books! Once Ripley discovers the magic of books she never feels alone again. 

Ripley Goes to School Dogs have a unique way of expressing their emotions through body language and actions. Follow Ripley to school and learn to read what she is feeling as she navigates a challenging classroom experience. 

My Emotion Belly Coloring Book: How to Make Your Happy Shine Color the pages and find the hidden happy faces. Use your own works to tell a story about how to make a happy shine! Please share your story with family and friends so they can grown a bright and shining Happy too!

Eden and Her Happy was Tracy’s debut children's book and soon after it was published, she began offering Author Visits at elementary schools to share the books’ central message with children that their happy never leaves them. 


Emotion Belly Books has been an excellent way for Tracy to connect her passions for teaching, counseling, and mentoring children and offer tools for educators to explore social emotional learning in the classroom. In 2017, she became a Rainbow Kids Yoga certified teacher and has added Emotion Belly Yoga classes to her offerings. She is excited about the future and invites you to follow her as she grows.

Please note that Tracy will be offering Virtual Author visits on various platforms! Sign your class up today!

“Some books ask us questions…and other books give us answers. Eden and Her Joy holds space for us to find both. Eden helps us navigate some of the really hard questions and she helps us sit with some of the immensely beautiful answers. It’s not just a book about loss or grief. It’s a book about how we hold onto to each other in the midst of it." 

-Genevieve V. Georget, Author of Her Own Wild Winds

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